Wednesday, December 2, 2020

About BDA

Profile of Our Ideal Client

BDA works with owners, senior executives and Board members of companies who have made a deep and lasting commitment to enhance their company’s performance (and therefore, shareholder value), and who understand the value of engaging an experienced and objective outside advisor who can facilitate the achievement of their desired objectives.

So if your company is ready to prepare a strategic business plan, obtain capital to enable growth, transfer ownership via a partial or complete sale of the business, make an acquisition, undertake a valuation — or if you need interim C level management — we would like to talk with you about how BDA can assist you with those issues. Contact BDA.

Geographic Scope

BDA undertakes assignments anywhere in the US. When required, BDA’s partnership network enables us to add team members to the engagement who are based in the client’s region.

How BDA Staffs Its Engagements

BDA has a core group that can effectively complete most projects for which our firm is engaged. For projects that require a team larger than our core group, we build a client-approved team specifically for those engagements.

Client Focus

BDA does not focus on a specific industry; rather we focus on project process and functionality, both of which in most cases are transferable across industries. In cases where  specific industry or technical expertise is required by the client, we will add a client-approved team member to the engagement who possesses the requisite background.

Engagement Activity

As summarized previously and detailed in Services, BDA provides a number of Advisory Services. However, we purposefully limit our engagements to a few projects at any given time, which allows us to spend the amount of time required to effectively serve each client’s needs.

Partial List of Engagements
  • Currently engaged to sell a privately held mid-Atlantic based contracting company
  • Currently engaged to maximize the sales performance of a hardware/software client’s rep organizations
  • Advised on the capital raise strategy for a rapid growth cloud based CRM company
  • Company valuation
  • Intangible asset impairment valuation
  • Purchase Price Allocation valuation
  • Managed the acquisition of a security company on behalf of a client
  • Managed the sale of a textile manufacturing company
  • Obtained leasing for an industrial safety apparel manufacturer
  • Provided accounts receivable financing for a rapidly growing gluten free food products manufacturer
  • Managed over subscribed equity offerings for a bio pharma vaccine development company and a route tracking/scheduling software company
  • Multi year stock based compensation valuations for a bio pharma client
  • Interim CEO of a publicly traded software company
  • Interim Director of Sales and Marketing for a specialty apparel company

BDA has received many references from its business relationships over the last 23 years. Once a prospective client reaches the reference checking phase of their decision making process, we will make a sufficient number of references applicable to the transaction available who will provide necessary background information.

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